The Benefits of Music

Believe it or not music can benefit you physically and emotionally, it can be a cheaper alternative to sleep aids, and a good mood enhancer without you even realizing it. The following are ways that music can affect your health in a positive way.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

By triggering biochemical stress reducers, music can help relieve stress and anxiety depending on what you are listening to. With music at a slow, calming tempo, you can feel yourself slowing down and breathing normally and your brain wavelengths can also be affected as well.

Good Motivation for Homework and Working Out

I personally find that putting on a movie soundtrack and sitting down to work on homework can be helpful. Sometimes vocals in a song can be distracting rather than instrumentals. Music has the ability to enhance your mood, so if you place an upbeat song, you’re going to set yourself up to feel motivated to work on your homework or get outside or to the gym to workout for the day for stress or health related benefits.

Improves Sleep Quality

People use white noise to fall asleep to or just use their MP3 music players with the volume on low. Music as mentioned earlier can modify your mood, and depending who or what you’re listening to can set the mood for the rest of your evening, so it is a good idea to listen to Metallica earlier in the day.

Decreases Pain

Music can be a good distraction from what ever pain you may be experiencing by letting the music take you to another place and time. If you really focus in to the music dynamics and lyrics it can occupy your thoughts and help you forget you had any pain in the first place. Same thing can be done with talking with a friend or putting a movie on after getting out of surgery or icing a sore from an activity.