Piano 101

Piano, like for me and many it was a starting instrument, which laid the foundation of my music education. Its a good start if you’re interested in music and wanting to learn to read sheet music. When you think of this 500 lbs instrument, the last thing you would think of this instrument as a string instrument. When you press a white or black key, there is a hammer on the inside that strikes a string that makes a sound, or what musician call, a note. Do you remember the song “Do Re Mi”? When you sing it out loud, Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do the notes to match would be A B C D E F G A. You would play those notes on the white keys while the black keys played the same notes, only they would be “sharp” and “flat”. That means that the black notes sound a pitch higher or lower from its matching white key.

And if you look under the piano, you’ll see three pedals. They are the soft pedal, the sostenuto pedal, and the sustaining pedal, each pedal has a different function. For the soft pedal, the hammer only mutes the strings slightly to give a softer, quieter sound. The sostenuto pedal can damper specific notes by pressing down on the keys first and then the pedal. Lastly the sustaining pedal, or the damper pedal, creates a vibration once the strings are hit.

I started when I was ten, I only went to piano lessons for two years until I decided I wanted to learn a new instrument. Unfortunately, ten years later, I wish I stayed with piano. I have many friends that study music here on campus or have been taking lessons for years and can let their fingers fly across the keyboard. Well, I have decided to make it a personal goal for myself to relearn piano during my free time after Fall 2016 finals. I’ll have a free month in January to start with 30 minutes a day of practicing. That includes finger exercises, scales, technique, going from one hand to transitioning to both hands and being able to perform songs at a faster tempo (speed).

I will be practicing on my upright studio piano I have at my house and the possibility of a baby grand piano at a friend’s home.Materials used to help with my practicing will include the 12 major scales from sheet music I received while I was in school, plus my piano books I used while taking lessons over ten years ago, as well as books I have gotten from multiple recommendations. I have one month, we will have to see what will get accomplished during that time and if I can stay dedicated to practicing everyday and increasing my time when I am ready for more practice time.