My Top 5

The following are of my own personal top five favorite artists that I have been interested in for their style of music, and lyrics and as a person or group.

The Goo Goo Dolls

The first album I bought of theirs was their 2006 album “Let Love In” and the rest was history. They are the first band that I discovered on my own with no influence from others that I was able to listen to and enjoy and call it my own. I started collecting their CDs, adding albums like “Dizzy Up the Girl” to “Magnetic.” Lead singer John Rzeznik who also is a songwriter for the band has written solo career material. The song that changed their careers was “Iris” when it was released back in 1998 when it was part of a movie soundtrack called “City of Angels” Their newest album, “Boxes”came out this year and I don’t see Buffalo NY duo Rzeznik and vocalist and bassist Robby Takac stopping anytime soon.

David Bowie

I fell in love with the incredible human being when I was seven years old. Seeing him for the first time in Jim Henson’s movie, “Labyrinth” as the sparkly Goblin King, singing “Magic Dance” and “As The World Falls Down” I had to know who this man was and hear more of his music. As I got older, I listened over and over the only CD my father owned of David Bowie’s greatest hits reading his biography, “Bowie” getting know more about the mysterious and beautiful man. Bowie taught me that it was okay to be different than others and listen to whoever and whatever in terms of music, including his own songs like “Ziggy Stardust,” “China Girl” and “Space Oddity.” When he died in January 2016, I was at a loss for words, yes he was 69 but I think he had more to say, more to express, this world lost a great man and his legacy and style is going to live on.

The Eagles

I personally believe that I got a diverse education in music from my parents, even with my mom’s disinterest in some of my dad’s music. But she didn’t object to The Eagles and played their CD’s on car rides and in the house. This California country band had great music with multiple dynamics that I can dance to, sleep to, or just sit and listen to when I was much younger. Even when they are on the classic radio they ad a distinct sound with vocalist and drummer Don Henley’s voice on Hotel California or Don Felder’s guitar battle with Joe Walsh to follow after. I was so in love by the band and what they could produce as a group that I read more into them and their history to learn the tough background. It was hard to believe a group of men at odds with each other often but able to produce great music. “Take It Easy” was released back in 1972 and I still hear it on the radio in 2016, the Eagles are going nowhere.

Nora Jones 

Nora Jones was one of the three reasons why I wanted to learn piano, the other two was Elton John and my mom wanted me to learn. Her alto voice going along with her piano playing in albums like “Come Away,” “Feels Like Home,” “Not Too Late” and “The Fall” is warm and soothing. Her music is thing first thing that comes to mind when I want a calming soundtrack to go along with my day. Her style was different than other jazz artists, it as a fusion of jazz, country and pop all put together which is why I like Jones, her music was different.


When I think of P!nk i think empowering women. I felt like I could do whatever I want just by listening to her songs like “Stupid Girls” or “Don’t Let Me Get Me” opening girls eyes that they don’t need to be half naked in a music video to make it big, or her lyrics “Outcast and girls with ambition that’s what I want to see!” Or her album “Funhouse” filled with lost love and getting over it asking “so what?” P!nk gave encouragement and entertainment to her fans out there and still performs with a growing family which I admire, she even featured her own daughter in a recent music video. Not only does she sing on stage but she gets up in silks performing acrobatics high above the stage, challenging and pushing her body to do something most artists don’t do. P!nk proves herself a powerful woman young girls can look up to.