Concert Going 101

Here you can take suggestions and survival tips when going to a concert with friends or with a date to avoid any downfalls or snafus to help you enjoy a night out and a good time.

If you plan on drinking, have a backup plan

First of all, it is illegal to be drinking and driving, and no one wants to be buzzed or drunk, and stranded outside the music venue with no way of getting home. Download Lyft or Uber on your phone and hire someone to give you a ride home. Does a friend live in the area? Give them a call if you can crash at their home or apartment for the night, don’t forget to be a helpful and good guest so they can have you back again if you need a place to stay. If the concert is close enough to your house, ask around to see if a friend can give you a ride to your home. Never drive yourself home, even if you think you’re fine, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Keep valuables in your front pocket

No one wants a perfect evening of great music to be ruined by someone picking your purse or back pocket for a wallet or keys. Keep your valuables in your front pockets, the deeper the pockets the better. Ladies, yes some pairs of pants have shallow or no pockets at all, the search is worth the trouble later down the road and you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying your purse during the show.

If you’re going to an outside festival, bring a reusable water bottle and pack a lunch

If you’re spending your day outside on a hot day, there is the possibility of being dehydrated and can lead to serious health issues. If you bring in an empty reusable water bottle, you can refill it at a water station or water fountain and you can always go back to get more water. From personal experience, packing a homemade sandwich was the best decision I could’ve made for myself that day.  The feeling of being busy and walking around all day can overwhelm you and overshadow your hunger. If you get yourself to eat, it’ll help get some energy back and it’s a cheaper option than buying garlic fries or a hot dog at a concession stand.

If you’re going to an outside festival, bring sunscreen

Sunburns can lead to skin cancer and other skin conditions, sunscreen will protect you and keep your skin healthy. Packing a small bottle of sunscreen and reapplying it during the day will save you the pain and embarrassment of  a red sunburn on your face or other exposed parts of your body.

Bring cash with you

Some places and booths will not have a card reader with them making things a challenge if you only brought your credit cards. Yes most venues have a ATM but there is a small fee for using the machine and bringing your own cash or picking some cash from your bank won’t need an extra charge from you.

Bring your ticket and a digital copy

It is always helpful to bring a digital copy if your original paper ticket somehow slipped out of your pocket or was misplaced. Most of the time the digital copy will even have the bar code to be scanned at the door. And if you prefer to keep a physical ticket for a souvenir you can always print it out again as soon as you get home.

Wear closed toe shoes and bring a jacket

It can get cold if you go to a show in San Francisco especially if it is a long walk back to the car. Don’t want to carry your jacket during the show? Most places will offer a coat check if you wish to leave it there and not have to worry about holding onto it while watching the show. Inside or outside, closed toe shoes are a good idea, specially when the vocalist starts yelling “Jump! Jump! Jump!” no one is going to land directly on your toes and your sneakers or boots will provide a barrier.

Tell someone where you’re going

First of all, it is not a good idea to attend a concert by yourself. It is not as fun if you’re going by yourself, you have no one to share a good experience with and you wouldn’t want to meet the wrong people or get mixed up in a bad situation. If you do have to go by yourself, tell someone where you’re going to be and a timeline of when you will be there and when you will be home and updating if necessary. If something were to happen to you, then someone you know and trust would have information of where you were last and when you left for the show and when you were suppose to be back home.

Leave your professional camera at home

Unless you’re a professional photographer and it is your job to take photos at this certain concert, leave your nice professional camera at home. Your phone will be just fine for a concert, it will not damage if someone bumps into it or if it is dropped and no one will feel tempted to try and rob of you of your phone.

Buy merchandise before the show starts

If you’re like me and like to wear band shirts you bought at concerts, buy your merchandise before or during the show. Right after a show ends, crowds of people rush to the tables to take home shirts, CDs or posters and lines will be forming and you can possibly get back home at a later time than you originally wanted to be because you had to stand in line for a shirt. No one will be buying shirts during a performance and lines are nonexistent and is a perfect time to buy anything without having to worry about time.