Where to sit for a concert?

You walk into a venue to see a concert first thing that comes to mind after coat check and getting your snacks/drinks/merchandise is, where should you sit? Excellent question, depending on the venue and what ticket you paid for you could get a designated seat, a general area, can go any way.

Standing Floor: Standing floor is an option for general admission, the cheapest ticket and can sometimes be the only option for a certain venue. The positive side to standing floor is you can get closer to whoever is playing that night and get some kind of interaction from the singer or band. The downside is that you wouldn’t be the only one in standing floor. Personal space would be violated, you’re pushed up against others or the barrier separating you and the evening’s act, and getting out would be harder than getting in the crowd.

Balcony: For a more aerial view, balcony is a good option. you’re able to sit during the act, relax, and get good pictures without worry about someone bumping into you. For some places you pay a little extra, sometimes that is not the case either. But the compromise is that you’re not close to the entertainment and if your eyesight is not as good as it used to be, it can be hard seeing from that far away.

VIP Seating: VIP seating, the most prime seating and with the extra perks. More expensive than the others but with certain VIP packages you see the performance from front row, or backstage, you meet the band, extra merchandise, autographs, etc. It is a financial commitment to invest so much into a concert and would be very hard to reschedule or get money back, plus if this is for a show or a musical artist you don’t appreciate or prefer not to see, it’s better not to spend as much money you would for a different band. On the upside, the experience would be unforgettable.


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