Ticket Scalping

In recent news, congress has passed a bill to ban bots or computer programs that buy event tickets first and resell them for a higher price. This goes for music, theater events and any kind of popular event where a ticket purchase online is needed. Its a seedy business and I am personally glad to see that action is happening to end it. Sites like StubHub charging you a higher price than what its retailed at originally but with no tickets to sell from the original sites, they’re cheating you out of your money. I have heard horror stories of buying tickets off the street in front of the venue but then figuring out that the tickets are fake. In simple words, you are being robbed of your money.

Now some phone apps and online sites are in the gray area of scalping. Such as the app Gametime, that sells music and sports events tickets up to an hour before the event starts. I have used the app before when going to a hockey game in Vancouver B.C. the day before it actually happened. I was called by a real person to confirm my tickets, and I got a fairly good deal and was able to enjoy myself when going to the event. I can see where some more investigation and research can be needed for this bill for local startups like Gametime.

Its a good start to a problem that has been going on for years with many victims trying to get in to see their favorite band.


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