Music 101: Trombone

Similar to its brass relative the trumpet, much longer, lower range, and looks a little funny and has been used in comedy sketches and movies. The trombone has some different physical differences. Depending on what type of trombone you receive, you might get a trombone that has valves on the tubing by the bell.

This two meter instrument is just like the trumpet, has tubing that starts at the mouthpiece and ends at the bell. It has a slide you hold onto with the first and second brace, using your left hand to hold onto the first brace and your right hand to hold to the second brace to slide the slide to make certain notes. The tuning slide is up at the top of the trombone and can be removed for cleaning. The slide and mouthpiece receivers are what hold the mouthpiece and the bell piece together and can be taken off or put on by twisting a ring to tighten or loosen the grip. If you don’t want your slide to move anywhere while sitting, or walking, you can use the slide lock to leave it in place by the mouthpiece receiver.

Playing the trombone is very similar to a trumpet, but the difference is the mouthpiece you play into is larger and the tubing is farther you need more breath support to be able to make a note that can be helped with breathing exercise that focuses and strengthens on your breathing helping you play longer and a stronger breath for larger instruments like the trombone or even for a tuba. When playing a note, there are certain slide positions that make a note, the slightest movement can change the note to either going flat, or sharp depending on what note you’re trying to play. It is an adjustment but can be fun to play.


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