The Weekend, Starboy in Review

The Weeknd recently released an album, “Starboy” in November of 2016. Singer and songwriter The Weeknd collaborated with guest artists Lana Del Rey, Kendrick Lamar, Future and Daft Punk. There have been multiple positive reviews and reached the Billboard 200 and it has almost been a month since its release. Singles like “Starboy, “I Feel It Coming” and “Party Monster” are playing on multiple radio stations and are unavoidable.

Focusing on one single, “I Feel It Coming” with collaboration with Daft Punk, upon hearing it you know who he worked with and the groove is familiar to their usual sound. The lyrics are very intimate, so intimate if sounds like The Weeknd is exclusively serenading to you though your headphones with Daft Punk going along in the background with a heavy bass groove that anyone would want to dance to.

It’ll be interesting what more material he has in store for the future and that we haven’t heard the last of The Weeknd.


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