The Eagles at the Kennedy Awards

This year, the Eagles attend the Kennedy Center Honors along with Al Pacino, Mavis Staples, Martha Argerich and James Taylor. The Eagles entourage includes Joe Walsh, Don Henley and  Timothy B. Schmidt. Unfortunately, vocalist and guitarist Glen Frey died in January but his widow Cindy Frey was able to attend the event. The band was originally scheduled to be honored last year but was pushed out due to Frey’s illness and was mentioned and had Miranda Lambert perform the song “Desperado” originally sang by Don Henley from their album “Desperado.”

The Kennedy Center Honors that happened on December 4th,  is scheduled to be on television on December 27th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. From reading the reviews on the event, it wasn’t easy for the Eagles group, being honored without a co-founder of the group who has sang vocals and guitar on a good amount of  their songs. The only thing that personally doesn’t sit well with me is that not all members were represented that night, leaving out Don Felder, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner. All in the band for a significant amount of years for popular singles and albums. It is understandable that there could be other factors to why they did not make an appearance or no mentions in reviews of the events. But it is nice to see a band like the Eagles to have a night to be honored by other performing artists and fans everywhere.



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