Music 101: Guitar

Who didn’t daydream of being the next big rockstar? Shredding on their bright red fender guitar playing to the masses. Even the best guitar players started small. When looking at the kinds of guitars there are, you can either go for a acoustic or an electric guitar. There are multiple differences between the two, starting with the fact that the acoustic guitar has been around since the 1500s, while the electric guitar is a more current instrument that has been invented in the 1920s.

The acoustic guitar is a hollow instrument that has a hole behind the strings called the “soundhole”. This helps amplify the vibrations given off by the guitar when it is strummed. The wood in front of the guitar is called the “soundboard” which also helps transfer the energy of the vibrations into the air , making it, it’s own amplifier. For a electric guitar, it has a slim body, so it would not be able to amplify the sound of the strings on its own. To make a sound or a note, the electric guitar does have a transducer, or a pickup to convert the vibrations to an electric signal to send to the speakers to amplify the sounds.

To hold a guitar, your left hand holds the neck of the guitar while your right hand is resting on the soundboard by the strings covering the “soundhole”. Most of the time, you strum a guitar with a pick, a small plastic triangle almost the size of a quarter with your thumb and pointer finger pinching the rounded bottom of the pick. The pointed end faces the strings and you strum with the first string down, or the bottom string up.

To play the guitar, your fingers press on the string depending close to the metal which is called a fret that sections off the neck of the guitar. You can either press one finger on one string and play a note, or press a couple of more fingers on the neck and play a chord, which is multiple notes at once.

Ready to be musics next big star? Get playing!


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