Music 101: Treble and Bass Clef, Staff

It can seem like a different language trying to read music. You have no idea what these symbols  mean and can be left with a deer in the headlight look. With this picture below, even you will be able to read music better with these symbols. Starting with the staff. The staff is the lines and spaces between the lines, and each space and line is a note. Most musicians use this acronym, “Every Good Boy Does Fine” with E starting at the line at the bottom, and F being the last line at the top. And for the spaces in between FACE, F being the first space between lines and E being the last space between the top lines.

The treble clef is a common clef for instruments like the clarinet, trumpet, flute, piano, etc. and the spiral at the bottom goes around the G line, giving  it the other name, the G clef.  The notes by the treble clef are higher notes that lower note playing instruments wouldn’t be able to play often.

The bass clef, is a common clef for instruments like the stand up bass, piano, euphonium, and tuba. The two dots surround the F line, giving it the other name, the F clef. The notes by the bass clef are lower notes that higher note playing instruments like the instruments above wouldn’t be able to play.



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