Music Festival: Snowglobe 2016

Up in Lake Tahoe, is the Snowglobe music festival from December 29-31, where well known artists like the Chainsmokers and Flume will be performing for festival goers. But other than taking care of the financial side of the preparations, (tickets, hotel, transportation, etc.) there are other things to consider while going to a festival like this.

One important thing is having enough warm clothes and lots of layers. You’re going to be in Lake Tahoe in December, it is going to be cold, and while in San Jose you can still wear shorts in October you will be in for a rude awakening if you don’t bring enough clothing. Don’t be afraid to pack and and foot warmers too, they’re very inexpensive and can be stored easily in your pocket while enjoying the music.

Take your time and watch your energy. Its very easy to forget your basic needs when watching your favorite band. Set up a time when you can take a break and have a snack or a meal and stay hydrated to get a second wind of energy. Nothing is worse than feeling lightheaded or having an upset stomach because you forgot to eat.

Enjoy Lake Tahoe while you’re there. There is a lot to do around while the festival is going on. Have you ever snowboard? Now can be a good time to try by going to either Heavenly Resort or Homewood Mountain Resort. Even taking a walk around the lake can be just as refreshing.

Don’t forget to have fun. While this is not far from the Bay Area, the expenses can add up. Enjoy what you paid for and groove to your favorite artist performing. Be sure to get the festival schedule to catch them on time and get their early to get close to them if you want.

Stay warm and have fun!




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