Music Concert: Mariner

San Jose band Mariner, had their concert recently in Bar X in Cupertino to kick off their big tour across the west coast and Midwest, and making their way to the music festival, So What in Texas. In this small venue inside a bowling alley, spirits were high and excited as friends came to reconnect before the concert started with news and updates. But at the first stroke of the guitar everyone was on the floor in front of the opening band. You can pick out the true fans by sorting though the crowd to see if they’re on their phones or if their head banging along too hard to the music.

These starting musicians are ambitious and proud of what they were able to create and as soon as their set was done, members of another band, Hazing, started walking around talking to patrons and concert goers, hoping to make a sale to help with gas money on their tour. But as Mariner took to the stage, there was a second wind of energy and people were getting on the floor to get their hands in the air and start to “mosh” to show their support in the band. With their 30 minute set ending, band members pack up and camp out at the merchandise table hoping to sell for their own gas money. With big hopes out in Texas, there is excitement and well wishes for their big trip with the intention for friends and music fans to meet again.


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