2016 Election, and Musicians: Trump and Death Cab For Cutie

Last year, in a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, Republican candidate Donald Trump made the comment of receiving a small loan of $1 million dollars from his father and having to repay him with interest. From CNN, while answering a question at the town hall meeting, he said, “It has not been easy for me, it has not been easy for me. And you know I started off in Brooklyn, my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars.” Now for a middle or lower class person, that doesn’t seem fair for him to say that it wasn’t easy when given a loan like that. There have been more aspiring stories than that starting from nothing and building up, no $1 million dollar loan required.

The band Death Cab for Cutie, wrote, “Million Dollar Loan” about his comment about getting his start. ” With lyrics like “and he’s proud to say, he built his fortune the old fashion way,” its not realistic for people who come from nothing. Its insensitive, this song clearly shows that a man like Donald Trump is not a good representation of the people he plans to lead if elected for president. Even front man Ben Gibbard feels similarly about it in an email statement to CNN, “”He was so flippant about it, it truly disgusted me. Donald Trump… in no way, shape or form represents what this country truly stands for. He is beneath us.”

More and more musicians are starting to feel the same way with the way things are going with the election and Trump. Author Dave Eggers started the “30 Days, 30 Songs” project which is to feature music from other musicians who don’t support Trump like Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, and especially Queen after asking Trump to stop using their music for his campaign without asking permission first.



Music Concert: Red Hot Chili Peppers

The LA native band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have just recently released a new album this past summer and is coming to the Bay Area next year during their tour. Their 2016 album, The Getaway features songs, “Dark Necessities,” and “Go Robot.” With hints of his past addiction, lead singer Anthony Keidis writes lyrics to “Dark Necessities” that tell a story of a dark and hard life of what it was for him and is easy relate for anyone that went through something as similar. It features the signature heavy bass plucking from Flea that gives the song a good groove. This helps make “The Getaway” worth the listen and something to keep in mind when looking for concert tickets for their 2017 tour. In March 2017 they make a stop in the Bay Area with a show at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.

Music Festival: Snowglobe 2016

Up in Lake Tahoe, is the Snowglobe music festival from December 29-31, where well known artists like the Chainsmokers and Flume will be performing for festival goers. But other than taking care of the financial side of the preparations, (tickets, hotel, transportation, etc.) there are other things to consider while going to a festival like this.

One important thing is having enough warm clothes and lots of layers. You’re going to be in Lake Tahoe in December, it is going to be cold, and while in San Jose you can still wear shorts in October you will be in for a rude awakening if you don’t bring enough clothing. Don’t be afraid to pack and and foot warmers too, they’re very inexpensive and can be stored easily in your pocket while enjoying the music.

Take your time and watch your energy. Its very easy to forget your basic needs when watching your favorite band. Set up a time when you can take a break and have a snack or a meal and stay hydrated to get a second wind of energy. Nothing is worse than feeling lightheaded or having an upset stomach because you forgot to eat.

Enjoy Lake Tahoe while you’re there. There is a lot to do around while the festival is going on. Have you ever snowboard? Now can be a good time to try by going to either Heavenly Resort or Homewood Mountain Resort. Even taking a walk around the lake can be just as refreshing.

Don’t forget to have fun. While this is not far from the Bay Area, the expenses can add up. Enjoy what you paid for and groove to your favorite artist performing. Be sure to get the festival schedule to catch them on time and get their early to get close to them if you want.

Stay warm and have fun!



Recommendation: Green Day

Green Day comes out with their 12th studio album “Revolutionary Radio” four years after releasing their trio of albums, “Uno,” “Dos,” “Tre.” The band continues their theme of the new, revolutionizing and changing the pop punk is seen and heard with lyrics of chaos and recent events. Like in their song “Bang Bang,” “Bang bang, give me fame, shoot me up to entertain I am a semi-automatic lonely boy, you’re dead, i’m well fed, give me death or give me head, daddy’s little psycho and mommy’s little soldier.” They do not spare their listeners of harsh realities, but that’s what they want, from listening to their songs they want their listeners to have an idea of change go through their minds that is above the ordinary. Almost as good as their 2004 album, American Idiot, Green Day continues to shape the world or punk rock and is currently on tour through 2016 into the new year.

Music Concert: Jingleball

Mark your calendars everyone, Wild 94.9’s Jingle Ball is coming to the SAP center. With Shawn Mendes, the Chainsmokers, and Charlie Puth headlining the conert with Charlie Puth, Diplo, Tove Lo, Alessia Cara, Lukas Graham, Daya, Niall Horan, it is expected that the SAP Center will be packed on that December night. With the even heavily commercialized, its not possible to not hear about it especially with One Direction singer, Naill Horan capturing many fans hearts and the chance to see him again in concert. With recent hits like “Closer,” and “Don’t let me Down,” the center is bound to erupt in singing and screams of excitement from fans all around. Thursday night on December 1st at 7:30, don’t forget to get your tickets for this busy lineup for an incredible night.

Music Concert: Brian Wilson

Beach Boy co founder Brian Wilson extends his tour! Wilson recently had a show in San Francisco for the 50th anniversary of the album, Pet Sounds featuring songs like “Wouldn’t it be Nice” “God Only Knows,” and “Pet Sounds.” Wilson released 2017 dates into May in southern California, an April date in Texas, and a December date in Indiana. “Pet Sounds” was released in May of 1966 and was the Beach Boys 11th album received a low response from the American audience compared to their other successful albums, but did get a good response overseas in the United Kingdom with praise. Wilson devoted his time producing this album after finishing with live performances from the stress of travel. This psychedelic album is an interesting listen and would be worth seeing live in concert when Wilson comes back to California next summer in 2017.

Music Concert: Stevie Nicks

The White Witch is coming back to town. Stevie Nicks is coming to San Jose and  will be having a concert on December 14, 2016 at 7:00p.m. With the cheapest tickets going for $72 for the upper bowl, maybe for some of us, Christmas will come a little early as you go to see Nicks singing her hits and her songs from her newer album, 24 Karat Gold, featuring songs she hasn’t yet released before. San Jose State alumni comes back to the area to perform in the SAP center for her tour titled after newest album, most likely only featuring songs and hits from that album. If we’re lucky, maybe she’ll humor us with an encore of “landslide” or another Fleetwood Mac song. Looking forward to the “gypsy” magic when she performs in the area.

Music 101: Music Notes

To go along with the rest of our road map for music, Its best to understand what goes on the road map: notes. The basic definition of a music note is that it describes the pitch and duration of a musical sound. So if there is a music note by the treble clef, you’re going to play a note that has a high pitch, and if its by the bass clef, you’re going to play a note with a low pitch.

If you see a note that has a “tail” and is filled in, it is a quarter note, you play it for one beat. a note with a hole through it and a tail, its a half note, you play it for two beats. A note with a hole in the middle but no tail, it is a whole note, a note you play for four beats. A note with a hole in the middle and a tail, but there is a dote to the bottom left of it, it will receive three beats. For a note that looks like a quarter note but has something coming off the tail, it is an eighth note, it gets half a beat, that means you play it for a shorter amount of time. and the shortest note than an eighth note, is a sixteenth note which is a eighth note cut in half.notes

Music 101: Treble and Bass Clef, Staff

It can seem like a different language trying to read music. You have no idea what these symbols  mean and can be left with a deer in the headlight look. With this picture below, even you will be able to read music better with these symbols. Starting with the staff. The staff is the lines and spaces between the lines, and each space and line is a note. Most musicians use this acronym, “Every Good Boy Does Fine” with E starting at the line at the bottom, and F being the last line at the top. And for the spaces in between FACE, F being the first space between lines and E being the last space between the top lines.

The treble clef is a common clef for instruments like the clarinet, trumpet, flute, piano, etc. and the spiral at the bottom goes around the G line, giving  it the other name, the G clef.  The notes by the treble clef are higher notes that lower note playing instruments wouldn’t be able to play often.

The bass clef, is a common clef for instruments like the stand up bass, piano, euphonium, and tuba. The two dots surround the F line, giving it the other name, the F clef. The notes by the bass clef are lower notes that higher note playing instruments like the instruments above wouldn’t be able to play.


Recommendation: DNCE

Years ago back to the awkward braces phase and it was cool to do the Soulja boy, there was the Jonas Brothers. Girls in their early teen years had eyes for Nick Joe and Kevin. So you can imagine the excitement for Joe Jonas’ new project: DNCE. First appearing with their first hit song, “Cake by the Ocean” in 2015 his band members, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee, have rocked the music scene with intimate music videos and racy lyrics. Their most recent song, “Body Moves” Jonas sings of a good night he has with his partner, painting an intimate scene for us.

DNCE made an appearance in Fox’s production of Grease live as a live band in the dance scene as Johnny Casino and the Gamblers giving the TV event a good song for the soundtrack. Can’t wait to see what DNCE will have in store for the music scene with continuing a carefree and daring attitude about it.